Kostas was born and raised in Athens. From his young age he dedicated himself to soccer, probably one of the few outdoor activities that you can do in a big town like Athens. 
In 2011 he moves to Crete in order to study at the Technical University and become a Computer Engineer. He worked as a waiter and later on as a bartender until he realized that the beauty of the nightlife is not even compared with the beauty of the nature that lies in Crete. From that time and on, he travelled all around to explore Crete and was amazed by the terrain complexity of this island. He has visited almost all of the mountains, gorges and beaches, so he is the ideal guy to consult if you wish to see the real Crete. 

In 2015 he met Stefanos, the founder of “SUPinCrete”, by coincidence and he was immediately hooked with the activities and services he had to offer. Whenever Kostas is not hiking or mountain biking, you will find him paddling around the most beautiful beaches of Chania, performing the most amazing tricks and enjoying to the full what we call "the beach life".



Karolos was born in Athens in 1993 where he also spent his childhood. He occupied himself with sports and schetching from an early age. Swimming, karate and soccer are only few of the sports he devoted himself to. 

In 2011 he began studying at the School of Architecture of Technical University of Crete in Chania. This was the first time he visited the island of Crete. The amazing sites of the island, the great people and his love for architecture made him love and spend as much time as he could exploring the place with his friends and collegues.

Through school and sports, he learned that teamwork and cooperation with enthusiastic people is the key to achieve your goals and within the world of SUP, he has found such a group of people to have fun with, enjoy sports and discover new places and hidden beaches all around Crete. Get inspired by this story and encourage your friends to explore the sea world through paddle boarding.