Are you having a corporate event with your team in Crete but you are tired of all those boring ice-breakers? Looking for side activities to complement your retreat? Maybe a fun and mind-blowing way to turn your bachelor to the highlight of your pre-wedding events? Leading the adventurous and non-stop members of a sports group and need somethingto keep the adrenaline pumping?

Look no further!

We offer unique SUP related events specially designed for your people only! There is no need for your team to have a previous experience of SUP! Our activities are especially designed for large groups, easy and fun to follow! Our crew will make sure that everybody will have a long lasting smile on their faces afterwards!

Choose amongst a variety of activities such as PaddleboardYoga, SUP polo, SUP races, BIG SUP competitions and games at the beach! We will provide you with a number of options that will accommodate your needs and best suit your people.

Our services and know-how have been selected by prominent companies such as Coca-Cola Greece, Newrest, and Wodventures. We have provided our equipment for RTL Belgium and WhizzKid productions. And the list goes on!

Ask for your own customized package!

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