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We offer a variety of day tours all around the Crete island.
Explore the most hidden places on a SUP board. Become part of our group and enjoy the Greek sun & sea.


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"A unique opportunity to enjoy your time with all your family!"

''The ideal spot for SUP regardless of your level! Marathi’s and Loutraki’s crystal clear and calm waters create the perfect environment for you to stand on your paddle board! Suitable for all ages, provides all common touristic amenities. We set course within the bay, explore the caves that lie hidden across the coastline, swim, take pictures, do snorkeling and enjoy what is considered to be the highlight of our guests' vacations in Crete.''


"This destination is world famous for its unique environment."

''This exotic destination is world famous for its unique environment. Exotic beaches with white sand and turquoise waters, reminding of the Caribbean, are formed on either sides of the peninsula. ''


"This is a demanding 
nearly 10km route."

''This is a demanding route, nearly 10km, starting from Loutraki bay and paddling north to Akrotiri Cape. It is, though, a rewarding tour as you get a private spot inaccessible and unknown to many.''


"Join our tour on the BIG SUP and have the time of your life."

''The perfect way to enjoy your vacations with your friends and family members! A big hit among corporate events, a unique way to create a strong team. A must for every party. Unlimited fun!''